best ways to help my family move

What’s the Best Way to Help My Family Move?

You’ve found your dream home, and you’re taking the leap. Before you can settle into domestic bliss with the people you love, though, you’ve got to relocate. This is a big process, and it can be fraught with difficulty. When you move your family, you’re dealing with switching schools, uprooting everyone’s lives, making new friends,…

top reasons seniors are moving

4 Top Reasons Seniors are Moving

Many people think of moving as something young individuals and families do. People move for jobs, for relationships, and for a change of scenery. But people mostly stop moving when they reach retirement, right? Wrong. In fact, today’s older adults will live longer than any generation before them. As such, they’re looking for ways to…

packing electronics

Tips for Packing Electronics During Your Move

Once you move into your new home, you want to unpack your electronics, like your flat screen TV, hook them up and, presto!, have them work again. Be careful when packing electronics, so they easily survive the move by following some of the following packing tips. After all, replacing these valuables could become costly. Prepare…

preparing your appliances for moving

Preparing Your Appliances for Moving Day

Most moving companies, like Master Movers, do not disconnect or reconnect any power or water lines to your appliances. Preparing appliances for moving, such as your washer, dryer and refrigerator, falls on homeowners, who can do it themselves or hire a professional. Once you have gotten your appliances ready properly, Master Movers will transport them…

Moving Packing Tips to Keep Your Items Safe

Moving Packing Tips to Keep Your Items Safe

You’ve found the house of your dreams, and it’s time to start boxing up your belongings for the move to your new home. Of course, this includes packing your cherished family heirlooms, old photos and other irreplaceable possessions. These fragile items deserve extra attention to avoid damage — simply being careful with the boxes isn’t enough….

Happy couple with boxes professionally packed by Master Movers

Should You Hire a Professional to Pack?

Packing for a move requires time and energy, both of which are in short supply when you’re relocating. Underestimating the scope of packing is easy. But, don’t forget that packing is more than just tossing stuff in a box. When you relocate a household, it’s imperative that you organize, take inventory and make accurate labels for each…

Blog - 18 Packing Secrets From Moving Pros

18 Packing Secrets from Moving Pros

You’ve got your boxes, bubble wrap, tape and labels. You’re ready to get packing, but as you look around your home you don’t know exactly where to start. Sound familiar? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Until you’ve moved a few times (or more), packing up every single thing you own into the fewest number of…

moving into your first home, a happy young couple embrace in their new home

8 Tips for Moving into Your First Home

Congratulations! You’ve just closed on the purchase of your first home. You may feel like you’ve gone 12 rounds with a heavyweight contender. Take a breath because now it’s time to start packing. Give Master Movers a call. We’ll pack and move everything for you. If you’re planning on doing it yourself, or some of…

Label packing boxes containing art as fragile.

How to Pack Framed Art for a Move

Art and photos are among people’s most treasured items. When you’re moving, it’s natural to worry about these irreplaceable belongings. Preparing art for a move takes extra care. Here’s what you need to know to safely pack framed art and photos. Start Early You can pack art and photos well ahead of time. Since you…