High-Security, Short-and-Long-Term Storage for Your Valuables in Portland, OR

At Master Movers, making sure your prized belongings are safe between moves is our top priority. Your worst nightmare is having a stored item missing, broken, or otherwise tampered with, so we make sure that anything you store with us is 100% protected.

Whether you have to prepare your home for sale and need short-term storage for your belongings, want to temporarily pack items away for a holiday, party, special event, are taking a sabbatical or an extended trip abroad, or are just saving items for the future in long-term storage, our team is prepared to meet your needs. Our storage services include:

  1. Thorough inventory: We leave no possession unaccounted for in our itemized inventory process. Every item that goes in is noted, including the state in which the item is stored, so when you access it once again, we can verify that nothing has been altered.
  2. Safety Sealing: All stored items are sealed in vaults or containers to prevent tampering. When the time is right for you to pick up your possessions, we remove the seals and perform our extensive inventory process to ensure that you receive all your valuables in their pre-storage condition.
  3. Climate-controlled storage: Our warehouses are maintained to ensure that all of your items retain their intended shape and function and never come into contact with the elements or extreme temperatures.

You can count on Master Movers to provide all the packing materials to keep your items safe and sound, including bubble wrap, packing tape,and specialized boxes. For specific items, we require special crates at our storage facility for the item’s protection.

Moving far away or just around the block? We’re your family moving and storage team. No job is too tough. Don’t make a move without us! Call us at (503) 762-1288 or contact us via the web today!