Packing and Moving Services To Simplify Your Move

Whether your items need to be shipped to your new home or office or stored long-term in our climate-controlled facility, proper packing is essential.

For many, “packing” consists of tossing as many items as they can into as few boxes as possible, getting it all done quickly so the move can commence.

At Master Movers, we know that moving can be daunting, so we want to help you fine-tune your process and minimize stress while properly protecting your items.

Packing The Master Movers Way

We know you have spent a lifetime collecting your belongings. You want them to remain in great condition! Although there are many parts to consider when planning a move, one of the most important is packing. Without proper packaging, unpredictable and sometimes devastating damage to your prized possessions can occur.

Be sure to tell us about any items we will be packing for you that are delicate or hold special value to you, so that we can take the utmost care taken with those items.When we pack a box or crate, we draw from years of experience with facilitating successful moves.

To us, proper packing includes:

  • Wrapping each item within the container carefully.
  • Providing extra padding for delicate, oddly shaped, and of course antique items.
  • Cushioning items at the bottom, top, and sides of each carton to absorb shock.
  • Packing cartons at a maximum of 50 pounds to make handling easier and keeping capacity within manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Using sturdy cartons that close flat on the top.The box tops or sides should never bulge.
  • Packing all cartons firmly so that they do not bend inward, either from sides or the top, even when stacked. This allows for proper stacking within the load once your goods are placed within the truck.
  • No rattles or noises if a properly packaged box shifts. If an item within the carton rattles, we note it with markings on the outside of the box and either re-pack or handle with extra care.
  • Labeling cartons with the room the box is destined for in the new space, the basic contents of the box, and initials of the person who packed the box.

If you are unsure how to pack unusual, large, or antique items, Master Movers is here to help. We require crating on some glass, ornate, and delicate items,but may suggest it on others for increased protection. Our packing experts know exactly how to help you safely contain your valuables, large and small, for transport.

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